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Meister - the authentic Berliner Weisse


This beer is most special to me, since it's the one most related to my heritage. 

Berliner Weisse is a sour beer style made with wheat malt and typically lower in alcohol. In Berlin it became very popular in early 1900, so much so that was called 'the people's champagne'. Read more about the style and history

Berliner Weisse is so tart that it would be served with a syrup, traditionally either raspberry or woodruff, which makes the drink green or pink. 

The Berliner Kindl brewery became the most popular producer of this style - and this is the brewery where my dad trained and worked as a brewer and maltster. 


Keeping a separate lacto-fermentation brewery doesn't fit into the portfolios of the large beer corporations that own most brands these days. So today's Berliner Weisse is brewed as a Pilsner, diluted to lower strength, acid-soured and sweetened with syrup. 

Meanwhile, the craft brewing world is reviving the style, making great variations of it. Most Berliners won't even know that their city is synonymous with tart, refreshing beer worldwide.


I was keen to track back to the origins of the Berliner Weisse brewing tradition. 

'Meister' is therefore fermented with a lacto-bretts-yeast blend and chock-full of Waldmeister (sweet woodruff) - a herb which you may never have tasted before since it's rare in this part of the world. This beer is properly sour and green!

Recommended drinking temp: 3-5C

3.4% ABV     Available in 330ml bottles