Where can I get Tiamana beers?

In Bars

Tiamana beers are on at most Wellington craft beer bars (in no special order): 
Little Beer QuarterGoldings Free Dive,  Rogue and VagabondBebemosHashigo Zake, MeowBasque, Brew'd, One Fat Bird,  Bethel Woods, Fork and Brewer

You can check out Now Pouring, a service from Craft Beer Capital, for updates from Wellington bars on their line-up. 

Do you offer brewery tours?

No, Tiamana Tiamana is a very small brewery, so we don't offer the classic brewery tours like a lot of the big breweries can. Both me and Llew from Wild & Woolly Brewing are working in part-time jobs, so we're not always at the brewery. 

 If you're in the neighbourhood and see our roller door open, feel free to stop in and say hi. We're happy to show you around and have a chat! We may be busy though, so please don't take it bad if we have to run.

Do you have a cellar door?

No, Tiamana does not have an off-license or cellar door. But I'm working on having Tiamana beer available in more bars, bottle shops and supermarkets.

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