Tiamana is the Māori word for Germany. The brewery was founded in 2013 by Annika, a born-and-raised Berliner, who now calls Wellington home. Her father was a brewer at the iconic Schultheiss brewery - where the original Berliner Weisse style was brewed.

Following the family tradition, Tiamana brews classic German-style beers as well as more experimental 'new world' styles.

Pilski in cans!

The first Pilski batch brewed at North End is ready to ship. And with that, the first cans of Tiamana beer are rolling out. 

I'm extremely pleased with this batch! Pilski is hoppier than ever and Kieran called it 'German AF'. He's right. It's an easy-drinking Pilsner, light and dry. Yet with its German hops it truly tastes different from NZ styles on the market, and bolder than the imports. 

I wrote a blog post about the changes in my brewery and why I started to brew Tiamana in contract batches.

Have a read here!

What about the Reinheitsgebot?

The Reinheitsgebot is the German 'purity law', prescribing that only malt, hops and water may be used to brew beer. The modern German beer law allows a lot of substances to help brewing, but nothing that remains measurably in the final beer, eg. coffee, chocolate, oak.
Tiamana beer is not striving to brew by the Reinheitsgebot.

While I agree with the idea of regulating brewing practices that are aimed at making beer cheaper and faster only, I do think the law is limiting creativity for German brewers.

Like all craft brewers I know, I only use ingredients that contribute to the flavour and composition of the beer - which makes some Tiamana beers compliant with Reinheitsgebot after all.

Are you hiring?

Tiamana is a one-woman company at the moment. Being a small start-up in the first year, there are no job or internship opportunities yet. 

When that changes I'll post about it here!

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Tiamana updates are on Instagram

Check Tiamana  beer reviews on Untappd.

 Annika writes a blog: The Brewer's Daughter.

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