Tiamana Core Range



Pilski is a shining example of the traditional Berliner Pilsner. Full and round, yet an easy drink. German grown noble hops make for an earthy and herbal hop aroma. A real flavour Wunderkind!

Recommended drinking temp: 4-6 C

5.6% ABV   Available in 500ml bottles and in cans


German-hopped IPA with the new Bavaria Mandarina hops. Fruity, lush hop flavour with the signature floral notes of German hops. Like taking a bite of a juicy, boozy mandarin!

Recommended drinking temp: 5-9 C

6.5% ABV   Available in 500ml bottles


A fresh Belgian Witbier with a twist. Lemongrass, Coriander Seeds and Orange Zest make this beer a perfumy delight. Note the unique nose on this beer when taking your first sip!

Recommended drinking temp: 4-6 C

5% ABV    Available in 500ml bottles

Mini Pils

Low ABV lager with full flavour. Round malt flavour with plenty of Perle and Tettnang hops. At just 2.5% alcohol Mini Pils is as easy drinking as it gets! 

Recommended drinking temp: 5-9 C

2.5% ABV      Cans coming soon!


Schwarzbier is a traditional German Dark Lager style. Roasty and chocolatey like a Stout, yet light and clean like a Lager. You may even get notes of berries.

Recommended drinking temp: 6-8 C

5.3% ABV  Available in 500ml bottles

Old Fritze

This Doppelbock showcases the German brewer’s knack for rich, complex malt flavours. Layers of toffee, stone fruit and malty sweetness remind some drinkers of whiskey or even port. You may think a Lager style can’t burst of flavour and body - let Old Fritze show you how it’s done!

Recommended drinking temp: 12-14 C

7.9% ABV  Available in 500ml bottles

500ml bottles and cans available now!

Tiamana Reserve - Special small batches        


THE authentic Berliner Weisse. Fermented in the old-school way with a lacto-bretts-yeast blend and chock-full of Waldmeister (sweet woodruff) - a herb which you may never have tasted before since it's rare in this part of the world. This beer is green! 

Recommended drinking temp: 3-5 C

3.4% ABV               Available in 330ml bottles


Old Fritze Doppelbock aged for 7 months in a wild yeast Sauvignon Blanc barrel from the Dog Point vineyard. Rich notes of oak, tobacco, port and molasses. The wild yeast adds a hint sourness and bretts. A rare and smooth creation. 

Recommended drinking temp: 12-14 C

 8.5% ABV                   Available in 330ml bottles

One-offs and seasonal brews by Tiamana