Guten Tag. This is Tiamana Brewery

Byeeeeeee - for now...


Tiamana Brewery is not actively brewing. For now, other adventures are waiting. 

I still love to brew, I still love being part of New Zealand's exciting beer scene, and opportunities for future brewing exploits seem wide open. I won't be a stranger!


Starting, running and wrapping up Tiamana was been an amazing ride. You can read all about it in my blog hereYou can also drop us an email here.

For now, Danke and Prost to all the lovely folks out there! 

Tiamana was...

Tiamana is the Māori word for Germany. The brewery was founded in 2013 by Annika, a born-and-raised Berliner, who now calls Wellington home. Her father was a brewer at the iconic Schultheiss brewery - where the original Berliner Weisse style was brewed.

Following the family tradition, Tiamana brewed classic German-style beers as well as more experimental 'new world' styles.